-The Digital Reformation: The Internet is Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Evangelism

The invention of the printing press brought with it revolutionary changes in communicating the Gospel and spreading Christianity around the World. It made it possible for Bibles to be mass produced and available to regular folks. Since then the Bible has been translated into thousands of different languages.

In fact some Bibles associations are forecasting that the New testament at least may be available in every language there is around the world within 10 years or so making it possible for the Gospel to potentially go to every nation. Incredible. 

-New Year: A Good Time to Evaluate Your Blog or Website

The new year is a good time to evaluate your blog or website. An excellent time to evaluate exactly what you are currently doing and how it measures up with your original vision. Or better yet, is the original vision that got you started blogging in the first place still valid or does it need to be adjusted or changed in any way?

One of the most effective ways to judge what you’re really doing is to take a hard look at how you’re really spending your time.

-Tool: Blog & Website Grader

Ever wonder how your blog or website stacks up against all of the rest? Do you want to know what improvements you should make on your site?

Here’s a tool that will evaluate your site in a minute or even less: <<Website Grader>>

-Responding in Love to Difficult Comments

Well sometimes comments can actually ruin your whole day. One of the hardest things to do as a Christian blogger is to respond in love to those who criticize and are down right mean and ornery to you in their comments.

-10 Online Behaviors That Christians Should Avoid

Here’s a good article from Church Mag listing 10 different behaviors that Christians should avoid if they want to maintain a good reputation and continue to be positive ambassadors for Christ:

10 Easy Steps to Ruin Your Online Reputation 

-The Daunting and Haunting Task of Proofreading

Proofreading is probably a writer’s least favorite task. It is also quite necessary, entirely expected, and all of the ‘rewards’ are negative at best. What makes it particularly daunting and haunting is the obvious fact that all of us fail at it occasionally no matter how many times we re-read and edit our masterpieces.

How many times have you bloggers glanced upon yesterday’s article that you’re so proud of only to find an obvious error that the spell check missed or worse yet you used the wrong ‘their’ there. It happens to me all of the time.

-Backing Up Your Blog or Website

I have learned the hard way how important it is to backup your blog or website or even your computer for that matter.

What if tomorrow your blog or hosted website files were hacked into and were changed or destroyed, what would you do? Or worse yet- what if your host went belly up and no longer existed flushing all of your blogging files (it has happened)?

-Before You hit The ‘Publish’ Button

 Here’s a checklist to use before you hit the ‘Publish’ button and send your new post permanently into the blogosphere:

1. Read the post over several times.

2. Check spelling.

3. Check the words used- do they best communicate and illustrate what you want to say?

4. Come up with an interesting and relevant title.

-Techno Stewardship?

The Barna Group completed a study a few years ago showing something that all of us directly experience- that families are more tech and media dependent that ever before.

They conclude that modern families by and large are negligent in applying concepts of Biblical stewardship to how much of their time is spent online, watching TV, and on various digital devices.

-After 15+ Years of Blogging: Here’s What I’ve learned

After over 15 years on the internet blogging and publishing religious websites I have learned a lot and I have observed many different trends and changes. I have also seen many good blogs and bloggers come and go.

Many started blogging in 2005 and 2006 because their friends did and it became the popular thing to do. It was a golden time when 1000’s of new blogs came into existence every hour of everyday. Some of my favorites and even some of the best blogs of that era no longer exist.

-Technology Can’t Replace God, But It Can Be a Modern 'Roman Road'

The Pope once said: “Technology cannot replace God”. Here’s a great quote I found today responding to that idea from GMO blog:

"Technology can’t replace God. God is God. He always will be. We need Him. BUT technology can help us to tell others about Him.”

-Having and Using Multiple Email Addresses

Practically everyone and every business demands an email address from you these days. Purchasing flowers online, booking a room or a flight, to access a news site, setting up a blog, joining a social network, downloading a new program, leaving a comment on a website, or keeping in touch with family or friends. Any or all demand your email address.

-Copyright Facts for Bloggers

One of the strangest facts for a new blogger to fully comprehend and accept is that when one writes a blog article it is actually copyrighted and its use is subject to the writer.

There is a great blending and sharing of stuff through social networking sites and through private emails that many times totally disregard copyright propriety. 

-What to Do About Your Website When You’re on Vacation

Disconnecting from the internet and blogging is actually a very good thing to do every once in a while—especially vacations.

Also, once in a while I will take a necessary weekend off from it all just to relax and get the creative juices flowing again. This is really important—to be in it for the long haul you must learn to disconnect once in a while no matter how 'painful' LOL. Vacations are not only beneficial for your off-line work but for your on-line longevity also.

-The Importance and Effects of Colors

Personally I have put a lot of thought and effort into the colors showing on all of my blogs and websites. However I have not always been entirely successful. 

-What About the ‘About’ Page?


It is a mere afterthought on so many blog and websites yet the ‘About’ page is the second most viewed page on every site. Not only that but also the second destination of nearly every new visitor that comes aboard.

-Blocking Offensive ADs and Setting Up an ‘AD Disclaimer’

This is for all of you bloggers who have woken up one morning and discovered an offensive ad generated by Google AdSense on your site. If this hasn’t happened to you then you are either new or you haven’t monetized your website with AdSense or something like it that generates ads on your site that are ‘supposed’ to target and compliment the content.

What to Do With Offensive Ads

-Are You Using Social Media to Bless Others?

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." -Matthew 5:16 ESV

There is already so much garbage on social media. I use Facebook to keep in touch with my family which lives on both coasts and in between. It is a wonderful tool. And I intend on encouraging and blessing others in the process.

-The Necessity of Transparency and Disclosure

Early on many bloggers were anonymous or assumed fictitious names to ensure their privacy. Even a number of pastors took this tact in order to be free to say whatever they wanted to online without creating a controversy in their church.

However in the long run ‘trust’ became an issue particularly among Christians. If bloggers were unwilling to share their real identities then could their observations and stories be completely trusted? Also some actually went out of their way to create controversy and responded rather badly at times to fellow believers and leaders. Transparency is now winning the day and Christians in particular should be very open and truthful about who they really are. It is a matter of integrity and credibility.

-Social Media: Cradle to the Grave- Ministry Implications?

According to AVG, the Internet security firm, nearly 92% of children in the U.S have some type of online presence by the time they reach just 2 years of age. The young children either show up in articles and pictures in their mothers social net page or they have their very own site.

We are seeing the rise of a new phenomenon with the lives of people receiving full documentation on the Internet from the time they are born and even before.